From 12-13 April 2022, Bologna’s prestigious Exhibition Centre – Fiera di ologna, Italy – will host two important trade fairs, namely BATTERY INDUSTRY EUROPE 2022 and SUPERCAP EUROPE 2022 – the former dedicated to batteries, the latter to supercapacitors, and their entire supply chain.

BATTERY INDUSTRY EUROPE 2022 and SUPERCAP EUROPE 2022 both represent must-see events for those withn the business community who are engaged in the development of all innovative technologies, products and services associated with the industrial chain of batteries, storage systems and supercapacitors (or ultracapacitors): from materials to equipment and machinery that produces cells, supercaps and batteries to accessories, software and service as well as finished products.

The shows will be jointly located with E-TECH EUROPE 2022, international event for innovative electrical and electronic technologies and a reference point for the upcoming industrial and economic ‘revolution’ that’s set to involve the full supply chain across both the electrification and electronics sectors within the automotive world particularly, but also those of utilities, renewable energies, storage, grids and microgrids, power tools, automation, logistics, controls and more.

In an exhibition area spanning over 12 000 square metres, companies in their hundreds will showcase the very best in national and international technologies and production: within such sectors, as in many others, Europe stands at the forefront worldwide with its companies all primed to seize every opportunity offered by the electrical and electronic reset that’s already in progress.

Each show will coincide with the extensive WORLD E-TECH CONFERENCE (WEC 2022) programme of meetings and conferences while addressing the issues most pertinent to the various sectors involved, thanks also to the contribution of key members from the academic world, from within the industry and from distinguished research centres, together with industry associations and institutions.

Here’s why BATTERY INDUSTRY EUROPE 2022 and SUPERCAP EUROPE 2022 are the best places to connect with thousand of buyers within the supply chain!

And for more on SUPERCAP EUROPE 2022 here.

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